Fears from Saudi Arabia on Increase in global oil supply

There was a promising start to the Asian stock markets with a weakening dollar after the fed Yellen cancelled any interest rate hike expectations last week, announcing :  Fed lowered both U.S. growth estimates and its forecasts for interest rates and inflation in the longer term. Tokyo  ended the session near it’s highs. In closing the Nikkei accumulated  . . .     Read More

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3 – How you can change your password in MetaTrader 4

Please log in to the MT4 platform, go to the toolbar, select “Tools”, “Options” and then “Server”. If you press the “Change” button, a window will pop up. You’ll need to enter your current master password and your new password twice. All passwords need to be at least five characters long and be a combination  . . .     Read More

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Fed Possible exit strategy in the pipeline

Asian stock markets finished mainly positive territory again on the continued wall street rally. Tokyo closed at 18.815 nearly flat on the session. The Topix gained +0.12% closing at 1,526. The major winner in the bourses was Sharp, being rumours that there are plans of a debt restructure. Among the remaining Asian markets Seoul close  . . .     Read More

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Russia ukraine ceasefire markets sustained

There was a promising start for the Tokyo stock market after the US session closed at it’s highest levels in eight years. There was promising data from Japan as it seems to have stepped out of recession, even though the data came in less than expected at 0.6% expected a GDP growth of 0.9%. The  . . .     Read More

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ECB reject Greek bonds as collateral

Asian stocks finish predominantly lower driven by the ECB rejecting Greek bonds as collateral and the fall in the oil markets as the fear of rig counts started haunting markets again yesterday. Tokyo closed -0.98% at 17504 and the Topix closing -0,49%. US Markets also closed lower after a choppy session, on the back of  . . .     Read More

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