Do I pay commission trading with metatrader 4?

When you trade in the Forex markets you do not pay a commission, normally the commission is built into the spread. That is, the broker will slightly widen his spreads to pay for his costs and commissions. Commissions/spreads vary from broker to broker. For the professional traders, you can ask for a raw spread account  . . .     Read More

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In which countries I do not pay taxes on Forex trading?

Here are a list of countries where there is no income taxes. If forex is your sole income, there is no need to pay taxes on Forex: Oman Andorra Brunei Bermuda Kuwait Bahamas Monaco Vanuatu Anguilla United Arab Emirates Qatar British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Maldives Turks and Caicos Islands Other FAQs: JohnI am a  . . .     Read More

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What does ECN mean?

ECN is the abbreviation for: Electronic Communication Network (ECN). The network is created by a centralized software that connects major brokers, traders and liquidity providers so that they can trade directly amongst themselves without going through a middleman. There are no fees charged on the spread in the eCN earns by charging a small fee for  . . .     Read More

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What is a raw spread in Forex (FX)

A raw spread is the spread at which the forex (FX) market is trading with no commissions applied. In an eCN account you will have a raw spread at which you will trade. A small commission in are charged on each trade.   Other FAQs: JohnI am a freelance writer interested in the foreign exchange  . . .     Read More

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Where can I download Metatrader (MT4) platform – download link?

You can download key to Markets MT4 (Metatrader 4) platform Demo account using the following link: MT4 (Metatrader) Demo Account Once downloaded simply click on the metatrader mt4.exe for windows or for MAC Osx and you can install this on your PC/Apple MAC . Metatrader 4 was a big success when MetaQuotes released the trading platform  . . .     Read More

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